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The Hardest Part of The Ring

The Hardest Part of The Ring

Your pro wrestling podcast and news outlet with dash of sarcasm and satire. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆβœŠπŸΎ

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Recent Episodes

June 2, 2023

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Javon and Hollywood are back to talk about some pro wrestling things after a full weekend1 We're back y'all fear not! A lot to discuss so lets get it!

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High Times After Night 2 Of Wrestlemania

The J boys are here to fuck shit up and talk about the biggest show of the wrestling calender. Night 2 came and went and we're not as upset as you'd expect. Why? Listen and find out. Let's Get It!

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Free Gable! A Wrestlmania 39 Night 1 Review

The Boys are back and joined by a special appearence from a familiar face to discuss night 1 of Wrestlemania. What a night, what a show, Lets Get It

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Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood

The boys are in house to discuss the show of shows this weekend, the Super Bowl of pro wrestling, it's Wrestlemania time babyyyyy! We're here to preview it all, so let's get it!

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March 15, 2023

Wrestlemania 69

Wrestlemania 69

Hey y'all, we're back to discuss AEW's Revolution and AEW in general. On top of that Mr. Monday Night books his dream Wrestlemania Card with some stipulations, of course. We end off by reopening the Monday Night Mailbox to hear from the fans! Let's...

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Elimination Chamber Review 2023

The boys are back to talks last weekend's Elimination Chamber PLE, along with a little check in with AEW and Turan talks his experience attending the latest VCW event! A lot of things to cover, so let's get it!!!

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The Docking Rumble Recap

The boys are joined by a new/ old friend of the show, Mr. Kyle Byrd from the Apron Bump podcast! Together we discuss Saturday's the Royal Rumble PLE, with a ton of other shenanigans along the way. Great time hanging out with him and a fun show (we may...

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Ready to Rumble 2023 edition

The boys are here to fully preview Saturday's Royal Rumble PPE! As well as rememberong the fallen Jay Briscoe who sadly passed away last week. A fun yet thoughtful pod awaits, Let's Get It!

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Jan. 14, 2023

New Year, Same Us

New Year, Same Us

The long- awaited return is finally upon us people! T, Javon, and Jacoby are back and better than ever to bring you all the wrestling news with a little dash of satire and sarcasm. It's 2023, so lets get it!

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Solo Dolo with Hollywood

Your boy Hollywood is holding it down with a full Full Gear review for your listening pleasure! Lets Get It!

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Mr. Monday Night, Javon Stith


The heel of heels, but somehow the people's champ.

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