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Jan. 21, 2022

5 Male AEW Wrestlers I look forward to seeing most in 2022

5 Male AEW Wrestlers I look forward to seeing most in 2022

January is almost over people. There are already nearly 11 whole months to go until 2023 is here so I need to share the top 5 wrestlers I'm the most eager to see throughout this new year before it's too late....AEW version. 

5.  Jon Moxley

Jon wasn't originally on the list, but after last night's AEW Dynamite I'm all aboard the train. It doesn't matter which station it stops at either. The sheer passion behind his promo last night ignited a fire in me that only he's capable of lighting. Mox is back and it seems no one will be able to stop him. 2022 could see him back in the winner's circle as a two time AEW Champion, and good luck to whoever crosses his path to get there. 


4.  Wardlow

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is coming. Mr. Wardlow is going to finally splitting off from his soon to be former employer MJF. It's been boiling for a while and seems to be full steam ahead towards a finish line seemingly around AEW's Revolution PPV.

What excites me most about the potential breakup is the potential Wardlow has. The dude is over despite barely speaking a word. His stature mixed with his in-ring capabilities equal a Vince McMahon wet dream. He reminds me of a lot of early Batista. He has this weird aura that breeds support from the fans, the story they've spun has done wonders in showcasing Wardlow as the machine he is, all the while leaving us fans wanting more and more that MJF would never let us. 

Who knows whether this will turn into a title run this year, but the idea of Wardlow on his own is one that I'm beyond ready to see. 


3. MJF

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is a villain. To a tee this man has not skipped a beat in being, arguably, the biggest heel in the professional wrestling world. This man has it all. The understanding of role, the gimmick, the commitment, the faction (kinda...save it for another post), the only thing Max doesn't have is a whole lot of in-ring experience. MJF has wrestled just 39 matches since the launch of AEW and it shows.

MJF can talk the talk, but can't greatly walk the walk and that's ok. They book him in order to present him as better than he is, whether it's pitting the faces against the Pinnacle, or ducking the face for weeks on end until there's no where else to go. It all equates to a heel. A heel that people loathe. A heel that cynics, like me, love to root against. Nothing tickles me more than watching him bait and switch the fans.

This 2022 run will be unlike one we've ever seen, however, because MJF will lose his largest layer of protection. Queue Wardlow. Their breakup will be substantial. It'll put both men in different spotlights. Wardlow will be the long-awaited hero to destroy MJF, and Max will be without his trump card. The thought of which, leaves me giddy. 


2. Adam Cole 

It's Adam Cole...Bay Bay.

When Cole debuted for AEW, I was left curious. He announced his allegiance to The Elite and it left me wanting more. I wasn't too excited about him running with Kenny and the Bucks. I wanted him to immediately seek revenge for how they fired him from the Bullet Club back before he left Ring of Honor. What I got, however, was the start to a seemingly well thought out slow burn (classic AEW). 

This slow burn has proven a few twists and turns that have me invested. For starters, no, it has nothing to do with this Orange Cassidy thing. Lowkey, it may not even have much to do with the Britt Baker thing either. Everything centers around Cole rolling with the recently debuting Red Dragons (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) instead of the Young Bucks. 

While Kennys away, Adam Cole will play and this could mean that the Bucks have led the fox into the hen house. The former Undisputed Era could be staging a coup coming for The Elite's throats. The Bucks may be reluctant to see the rouse, but I know for damn sure Kenny Omega won't. Whenever he comes back, best believe that this story will be on fire worse than Undertakers parents' was back in the day title or no.

1. Hook

They finally sent Hook, and I haven't been the same since.

Story time:

I was lucky enough to attend the Dynamite show last week in Raleigh and Tony Khan came out before Dynamite started to make a promise. He promised us something we'd all want to see. Immediately after he set his mic down chants for Hook began to rise from one person to three people to five to ten to a whole side of the arena. This man is over and he hasn't even wrestled anyone.

After the Dynamite wrapped, as the ring crew were getting everything set up for Rampage's taping Khan came back out to talk to us. Tony spoke excitedly. He said to us, "I made a promise and keep my promises." Sure enough, after that, Action Bronson came over the speaker and a large Hook sign popped up right next to us in the section across the aisle. People were going crazy over this kid that wasn't even slated to be there. 

If was from North Carolina, I would've been more understanding of the reaction, but this dude is Taz's son. He's from New York. That means something. 

He has something. Dare I say, he's the fifth pillar already. The smile on my face when I think about the boundless potential that surrounds him is ear to ear. Hook has this charisma. Women want to see him and the dudes want to hangout with him. Javon, for example, would love to go to the club with him and watch him throw stacks to whoever's dancing on stage. 

Be aware. Be ready, because when they fully send him it'll be a wrap.