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Jan. 18, 2022

Walter's Name Change

Walter's Name Change

They did what?

On last nights episode of NXT 2.0, the former NXT: UK champion "Walter" announced his name will now be "Gunther" after a match with Roderick Strong. This name change came with a ton of negative backlash from fans, and rightfully so. 

It turns out that WWE filed a trademark for the name "Gunther Stark" a while back. Funny part is that, after a quick Google search, I came to find that one of the first results for the name has an added "nazi" after it provided the autofill feature on Google. Basically, the name Gunther Stark is the same as a Nazi U-boat commander. 

This means that the new heel mainstays in 2.0 are lead by an Austrian man sharing the same name as a former Nazi higher-up, as well as a tag team made up of a German guy (Barthel) and Fabian Aichner, who is from a German-speaking part of Italy. Best Part of all of this is that they're social medias share the narrative of an invasion.....

Tough look.

Fingers-crossed they can come up with an "allied" team to defeat the dastardly new axis replica faction in NXT 2.0.